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Broadwaybox offers you the best theatre discounts in London, the cheapest London theatre breaks, hotels and attractions.
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We share discount codes distributed by the London Theatre ticket offices. These cheap, free of charge discounts for London theatre tickets provide discounted tickets for shows of your choice, on your preferred date, in advance, from your home.
Discounts for theatre shows in London
The 39 Steps Discount Tickets
The 39 Steps
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Stomp Discount Tickets
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The Woman in Black Discount Tickets
The Woman in Black
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Thriller Live Discount Tickets
Thriller Live
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The Phantom Of The Opera Discount Tickets
The Phantom Of The Opera
Save up to 18%!
The Bodyguard Discount Tickets
The Bodyguard
Save up to 9%!

BroadwayBox is a community site that offers free of charge discount codes for London's theatres, shows and attractions. No ticket sales. No membership fees. No cost. Using these Discount Codes you get heavily discounted tickets, for the London theatre shows and attractions of your choice, on your preferred date, in advance, from your home.

There are so many fun things to do in London: See London musicals and shows in the West End! BroadwayBox features discounts and coupons for all that London offers: West End shows, attractions, Dining and fabulous London hotels. Get your Leicester square theatre tickets in advance!

On the BroadwayBox London website you will find:

  • Cheap Theatre Tickets in London: West End musicals and shows at the cheapest prices.
  • London Hotels: Discounts for London hotels and London breaks
  • London Shows Reviews: Learn what other theatre goers in London think about the shows in the London theatre guide.

BroadwayBox provides you with the London discount codes and reservation instructions, so that you can easily order your tickets online, by phone or in-person, and get the discount instantaneously. BroadwayBox offers London shows, London hotels, and London attractions promo codes and refers you to the official theatre box offices for the actual reservation of London theatre tickets.

BroadwayBox is dedicated to you, and our goal is to provide you with the best London discount tickets so that you have a wonderful (and affordable) experience in London.

For the best London discount tickets visit, where you can find the most comprehensive listing of London attractions, shows, events, and hotels. BroadwayBox provides detailed information about: London theatre shows and attractions descriptions, theatre location and seating, performance dates, and ticket pricing.

BroadwayBox proudly offers you cheap tickets and discounts for your complete London stay. You can plan ahead, and book your London hotel stay, discount tickets for the shows of your choice, and attractions for the entire family!

BroadwayBox community share personal reviews about all London events. Enjoy reading reviews written by London visitors!

BroadwayBox offers you free service from all our hearts. Please write to us if you have any questions or need further information. We would love to hear from you, and we are here to assist you anytime.

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Latest London Audience Reviews

July 1 - The Bodyguard - This is an electrifying show! Heather Headley really shows her stuff and gets the audience involved in the performance! The show is a must see! I live in the US and while on holiday wanted us to see a show in London. We were not disappointed. I hope the show comes to Broadway! If the opportunity comes, I will definitely go see it again!
Jan 2 - Stomp - Going to see Stomp at the Ambassador Theater is like going to hear Pavoratti sing… underwater. It’s like being handed soup prepared by Thomas Keller (French Laundry)… and a fork. Seeing Stomp at London’s Ambassador theater is like being offered a ride on Virgin Galactic – to have a chance at viewing the Earth from outer space. Only the ride isn’t free, you have to pay for it. And you’re blindfolded. On December 30th, I purchased four tickets for London’s version of Stomp at the Ambassador Theater. The Ambassador is a cozy location where I suspect shows go to ride out their final years. We were greeted by a Fire Marshall at the front door which seemed odd until I saw the actual theater itself and heard the general announcement about knowing in advance where the fire doors were and whom we would trample in order to get to said door should events require it. What’s peculiar about The Ambassador Theater, in addition to the ever-present Fire Marshall, was the height of the stage relative to the seats. Each of my four so-called “clear view” seats in Row G of the stalls, purchased direct from the Ambassador Theater at a cost equivalent to $300, had an obstructed view of the stage. The object of that obstruction was the stage itself and what it blocked, as you might imagine, was seeing the show floor and possibly as much as 12 inches or more above that. I might be able to stomach not seeing the stage floor if I were watching Shakespeare or Mousetrap or even Shrek (okay, truth: I would sooner buy tickets to a live reading of the dictionary than pay to see a stage production of Shrek). But Stomp? How could I miss seeing the amazing tap-dancing theatrics of the world-class performers? For those of you needing some extra time with this, here’s the answer: I bought clear-view seats in Row G, that’s how. As the show opened I watched the show’s lead performer dance. His legs moved ever so slightly, and imagined his feet must have been dancing amazing feats on the stage floor… either that or they had a really good sound system that simulates great tap-dancing going on stage. No matter… I’ll never know. From Row G in my unobstructed, clear view seats, I couldn’t see even the slightest hint of his feet. That night from my hotel room, I emailed my observations and complaints to the General Manager of the Ambassador Theater. He was kind enough to write back and in his reply he stated the obvious, a bit like the lookout on the Titanic yelling “Iceberg” at the last possible moment. The General Manager from the Ambassador Theater corrected me. The performers, he informed me, were not tap dancing at all… they were stomping. Of course, how silly of me. Is it petty of me to point out that I would have known that the performers had been stomping and not tap dancing had I been able to see their feet? It seems disingenuous at best - and at worst, fraud – to sell clear view seats to a performance called Stomp wherein one can’t see the actual Stomping. That’s not a clear view seat… anyone who is chump enough to buy a ticket for that seat (that’s me times four) will not be able to see the very performance for which the show is named. How crazy is that? I’ll add that there were comedic bits we missed entirely because they involved rolling things on the floor and out of our line of site. And one very dramatic dance move that involves sliding across the floor on the lid of a garbage can and that is prominently featured in the show’s online video advertising was equally left to my imagination as the key wow in the sequence, the garbage can lid on the floor was, come on now, you can guess … yes indeed, it was out of our line of site. In America we call this false advertising and it’s against the law. In London’s West End I gather this is called “thank you for purchasing tickets to our show, enjoy your stay in London and do hurry home when you’re tapped out.”
Dec 31 - Wicked - A behind the scenes peak into the real story of Oz. Colorful, musical and fun. Go see it!
Dec 31 - Mamma Mia! - We loved it! The sets were beautiful and it actually felt like we were sitting on a Greek Island in the Mediterranean... It's a fun and light show, and the music is great even for those who didn't know they were ABBA fans.. :)
Dec 31 - Billy Elliot - we really enjoyed the show! You leave the theater inspired and motivated to make your own dreams come true.. and it's perfect timing to see it at the beginning of a new year. Go see it!
Nov 26 - Billy Elliot - Really enjoyed it! A story about a boy with a dream, who followed his heart and was passtionate about reaching his goals. It's a great show, with talented actors and fun dancers. Go see it! It is inspiring.
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