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Dumb Waiter plays at Trafalgar Studios - Studio 1
About Dumb Waiter :
Lee Evans and Jason Isaacs star in Harold Pinter's tale of two hitmen.
In an airless basement room, two killers ... read more

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Acting: Acting on the Dumb Waiter has been rated as Good
Production: Production on the Dumb Waiter has been rated as Poor
Story: Story on the Dumb Waiter has been rated as Poor
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About Dumb Waiter:

* Dumb Waiter plays at Trafalgar Studios - Studio 1

Lee Evans and Jason Isaacs star in Harold Pinter's tale of two hitmen.
In an airless basement room, two killers await confirmation of the identity of their next ‘hit’. They’re a team from way back. One is strong and silent, the other a talkative chatterer. They’re Laurel and Hardy with silencers.
Today something has disturbed Gus and Ben’s normally efficient routine. They wait for their handler to get in touch with their orders, but the chatterer can’t erase the memory of their last job and the silent one is definitely on edge. Unseen forces bear down on Gus and Ben in their precarious and darkly funny world. Meanwhile, increasingly bizarre orders keep arriving via a serving hatch…

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